TitleDownload Link
SM No. 24 s.2023 - 125th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine IndependenceDownload
SM No. 23 s.2023 - Preparedness Measures for Rainy SeasonDownload
SM No. 22 s.2023 - Festival Of TalentsDownload
SM No. 21 s.2023 - Precautionary Measures for the Summer SeasonDownload
SM No. 20 s.2023- National Heritage MonthDownload
SM No. 19 s.2023 - Administration of Project ALL-NumeratesDownload
SM No. 18 s.2023 - Temporary Suspension of Wearing of Teacher's Uniform Due to Exteme Weather ConditionDownload
SM No. 17 s.2023 - LAC Session on Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Towards Education 4.0 Download
SM No. 16 s.2023 - Change of Coordinatorshiphttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1-yBKJX2RnRDJuWrPmKdLrvWOk54dgU_v/view?usp=sharing