SAN RAFAEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, was named after it’s barangay, Barangay San Rafael. According to our informants, the school was established during the American Regime since 1945-1947.

The Americans built a tunnel shape rooms for Grade-1 & Grade -2 Learners, during the time of late appointed Mayor Gregorio Abille, and Madam Pradeza who is formerly Madam Guiang from Manglicmot was the teacher.

               After World War II , Mr. Ippe Rondero, the father of the late Alfred Rondero, who lives at the southern part of the school, volunteered to build a school, made of nipa and bamboo in his own expense many learners were benefited, because they don’t have to finish grade 3 and Grade 4 in brgy. Sto. Nino or at Central School here in San Felipe. Grade 1 – IV rooms was built from 1948-1972, according to them they have no principal yet but there is a teacher in-charge in the name of Mr. Juan Puzon. Grade -1 teacher was Mrs. Anonas, Grade-2 was Mrs. Blandina Maranon, Grade-3 Mrs. Virginia Eslava, Grade 4 Mr. Dadural. After finishing 4th grade they have to attend grade V-VI class at nearby school to finish their elementary years. But as years goes by, improvement of the school was continued. (1968-1972) The school made of nipa and bamboo was change to wood and Galvanized iron as the roofing.

               When Chief “IKING” Teodoro Corpuz, the father of Pablo Corpuz known this heroic deed of Mr. Ippe Rondero , he verbally donated the lot, which is now used up to now as the San Rafael Elementary School.

               The school was completed in the year 1968-1974.The first batch to graduate from 1968 -1974 was the batch of ex-Captain Ariel E. Alcantara.Their principal was Mrs. Pascuala Manglicmot. Grade 1 teacher was still Mrs. Anonas, Grade 2 teacher was Mrs. Blandina Maranon, Grade 3 teacher was Mrs. Lolita Sol, but when she migrated in America, Mrs. Elsie Abayan succeeded her. Grade 4 teacher was Mr. Ferdinand Gappi.